Why the name “Raise”?

The name came from much thinking time and prayer and the name helps us remember what we hope to achieve. 


The dream is to Raise the quality of kids work in Wymondham and beyond in whatever ways needed.

It could be to help churches raze their current work to the ground to help them work from the ground up or to bring into being something if they have nothing already there. Or to build on existing foundations, bring fresh ideas, inspiration and support.

Raise is about raising expectations. This would be in the children and the leaders. Expectations that God can meet with them. God can move. God can change lives and that there are good things for them.

To see leaders raised up. What better way to increase quality in the work than to increase the quality in leaders.

Raise is also about raising up kids in the love and knowledge of God. Discipleship. Helping them raise their eyes up to God.


Raise Factoids

Multi Church Events

Andy has written and led many multi-church kids residential camps and church weekends away for over 100-200 kids each time